West Virginia Fruit and Berry Celebrates 25 Years
Friday, August 21, 2020 by Joetta M. Schneider

West Virginia Fruit and Berry is one of our sponsors and we’re excited to see them in the news! Becky Titchenal, President and co-founder of the company will be the Saturday night keynote speaker and hostess the dessert wine tasting event afterward. 

Becky and her husband, Bob, supported the Living Your Dreams Conference last year with a sample of their dessert wines, as well as with product giveaways— which were very popular with the attendees! Served before the fashion show by Cato of Bridgeport, West Virginia, and with dessert cheesecake pops, the wines were a huge hit, with one attendee saying to others who were choosing from the prizes in a drawing at the end of the night, “You’d better not be taking the Luscious Cherry Blossom!” (All in good fun!)

When asked about teaching a session, “Keep It Going—Planning for Business Longevity,” Becky feels confident that she can give some great tips and advice for female business owners who want to take their startups to the next level. Her keynote on Saturday night will inspire women to live their dreams as she describes her background in marketing and business and her subsequent journey to becoming a business owner. For more information about West Virginia Fruit and Berry, check out their new website!

We are so proud to have Becky Titchenal as a sponsor and speaker for the conference and we love to see news about her company as it celebrates 25 years! Thanks for being a role model, Becky!



Joetta M. Schneider

Joetta is one of the conference founders.

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West Virginia Fruit and Berry Celebrates 25 Years
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