God Knew We Would Have Worrisome Days!
Sunday, September 27, 2020 by Beatrice (Bea) Moore

Today I read the daily devotional from Guidelines For Living- 5 Minute Daily Devotionals, September 9, 2020 entitled “Can God Handle Our Failures?”

As I read the devotional, I immediately thought about how many times I have worried about my business since March 2020.  I am sure I am speaking to someone out there who has suffered some level of anxiety and stress over the ever looming bottom line and profit margins related to their business.  It’s only natural.

The devotion’s foundational scripture was “Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don't forget to thank him for his answers.”  Philippians 4:6, LB

 As I read further, the following passage really resonated with me:

“Have you ever considered the fact that worry is a senseless and futile pastime which only drains your life of energy and siphons off your productivity?  A panel of psychologists concluded that forty percent of the things people worry about never happen.  Thirty percent of worry, they say, is about past events which are now history.  It will not help one bit to worry about things such as: how well you did on yesterday's test, how well you performed at last week's party, old grievances, or last year's opportunities.  Twelve percent of our worries, say these experts, are about our health.  Ten percent of the things that we worry about concern trifling items that really do not make a lot of difference.  That leaves only eight percent of our worries that psychologists would classify as legitimate areas of concern.”

WOW! That leaves only 8% of my worries as legitimate.  This was just the gentle nudge I needed to re-establish my focus and prayer life regarding my business.  The residual of worrying about my business would be a mountain of stress and anxiety that if left unchecked, would consume my creativity, leave me mentally drained, physically exhausted and stifle my personal life as well as my business. This is not what I want!  Is this resonating with anyone out there?

As a believer, I know to cast my cares to God.  As humans, this concept is often one of the most difficult things to do and let’s face it, we all handle worry in different ways.  Some of us are naturally inclined to want to use our intelligence to “fix” things. Others simply bury their heads in the sand and pretend it is not there. 

In planning this year’s Living Your Dreams Conference we actively sought God for direction.  We have had some hiccups, the greatest being Covid19.  But we pray with intention and specificity, seeking God every time we meet and asking that His will be done in every aspect of the conference.  We have put our faith on full display before the Lord! 

Reading this devotion today was no coincidence.  It was one of those “random” occurrences that provided that gentle nudge I needed today to stay in faith not only with the conference, but also with my consulting business.  I have had cancellations galore with contracts, but I continue to stand in faith even during the pandemic and lift it all to God.  God knew we would have worrisome days, catastrophic events, and calamities in our lives.  In preparation for what God knew was forthcoming, He left us the promise that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called unto His purpose.  Bingo!  Many of my cancellations were the answer to a prayer I had sent up last year asking God to give me more time to work for kingdom building.  I had needlessly worried when I received the initial flood of cancellations this spring and summer- it was God’s way of shaking, shifting, and sifting me into a new season of spiritual growth and prosperity in the  midst of a year that many people want to just go away.

I don’t ignore the fact that year has presented so many of us with challenges beyond the imagination.  But when we are weak, that is when God shows his strength; therefore, this is a season where there is tremendous potential for transfers of wealth in the marketplace and birthing of new ideas and companies.

So, trade in any worry or anxiety you may experience for positive expectations- that’s what I did.  This is a season where I was shaken into a “new normal”.   My consulting business was shifted from in person seminars to nearly 100% online!  Was I prepared for that?  Absolutely NOT…but God gave me the strength, fortitude and divine connections needed to quickly pivot and provide online training opportunities.  And I was sifted- traditional beliefs and strategies of how to run my business were no longer relevant, toxic relationships were released,  old ways of thinking were replaced with fresh new approaches - all to make room for the new things God had already predestined for my business and my personal life.  Isaiah 43:19 (See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”) has a new meaning for me.  Yes, in the wasteland of 2020, God is doing a new thing and I am comforted by this scripture and yield not to worry but to His promise!

As we move closer to the opening of the conference, my excitement and anticipation is growing exponentially.  I know God has a word for every participant and every coach that will dismiss worry and send it to its proper place! God’s about to do a new thing and there is no room for worry.

Our coaches are well prepared through their faith and experiences to drop nuggets of wisdom into each participant.  I am casting all my worries to the King.  Will you join me as I pray for every entrepreneur to be courageous today and tell worry there is no room in your heart for it to dwell. There is a shaking, shifting, and sifting taking place to usher us as entrepreneurs into a new season of growth, maturity, and prosperity.  Seek God’s plan for your business.  Do not worry.  He will not disappoint!


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