Eat Well Every Day

Nutritionist Theresa Hill of Eatwell, LLC is building a small community for people who want support as they take control of their diets— what motivates you to want to eat more healthfully? If you have a health condition you want to improve, Theresa and your group will be there to support that as you practice making better decisions in planning, shopping, and cooking.


It takes establishing new habits and routines to choose different recipes and different ingredients… to try new recipes, and to remember to shop and prep your food. If this is something you want to begin doing, Theresa can help you and your group members succeed. Theresa will encourage you along your journey with both scripture and prayer.


You will meet in person at the boathouse at Alpine Lake Resort during peak leaf season— a beautiful setting— and go through the basics of the program (planning, shopping, and cooking) as well as hear your fellow group members share their reasons for choosing this course. You’ll prep and cook a healthy lunch together, eat together, and pray for your future success together. 


If you choose, you can stay for the afternoon session and prep your meals for the next week alongside Theresa. After your pre-conference consultation, she’ll send you a menu and shopping list of foods to bring with you. 


If you need support for positive change, sign up for this amazing opportunity!

Know someone who would like to know about this class? Download the Eat Well Every Day Flyer.