Get Your Book Done in 2021

Sharon C. Jenkins was a session coach at the first Living Your Dreams Conference and fell in love with the natural beauty of Terra Alta, West Virginia. She returns for the 2020 conference with a full day for writers— and with a stellar team to help you live your dream of becoming a published author. 






Diana Flegal of Hartline Literary Agency


Focus on The ABC’s of Getting Started


If you’ve ever thought about writing a book – whether you’ve made a commitment or contemplated making one, you will definitely need to know how to get started.   Knowing the starting steps can give you the confidence you need to write an excellent book that will perform well in the marketplace.  Join us at this writing retreat where Sharon Jenkins, The Literary Midwife and her team will guide you through what those first steps should be.


At this day-long retreat, we’ll explore the following ABC’s of how to get started on your book:

Ask yourself “why you want to write a book”, “what you would write about”, and “who would be interested in what you would write about”.


Build up your literary muscles. Take a writing class, research what’s hot and what’s not, join a writers' group, etc.

Count the cost of writing your best-selling novel. Do I self-publish or solicit a publishing house; will I hire a ghostwriter or attempt to do this on my own? 


The attendee will leave this retreat empowered to get their book done in 2021. So if you are making New Year’s resolutions early and you are considering writing a book as one of your 2021 declarations, you will want to attend this day-long writers' retreat. 

Topics Include:


We will also host both early morning and late evening writing rooms where aspiring authors can get the hands-on experience they need to get started.