Keynote Speakers


Deneen Troupe-Buitrago

DeneenTB is an Author, Speaker, Business Strategist & Clarity Coach that wants to ignite your passion for what you do and help you do it better by understanding how God has equipped you to show up in your industry Whole, Holy, and Authentic. 

She wants to take your guilt away by teaching you to connect Faith & Business and serve God more through your work. She provides unique hands-on experiences for your Professional, Personal, and Spiritual growth. 

Through her book, CLARIFY 12 Principles to Illuminate Your Calling to the Marketplace, online courses, retreats, and coaching she helps you succeed at, and CLARIFY, how to live out God’s calling. Get acquainted with Deneen at AND, take the Biblical Businesswomen Mentor QUIZ at

 In addition to her keynote speech on Saturday night, Deneen will be teaching a session on Saturday, "Social Media and Your Business."

Rebecca Titchenal

Rebecca Titchenal is the President and Co-Founder of West Virginia Fruit and Berry who along with her husband Robert Titchenal market a line of Preserves, Fruit Butters and Fruit Wines indigenous to this great state, we love and call home, West Virginia. 

Becky started her career in Marketing during High School in 1975-1977, she never looked back.  From working in the Mail Room in a small-town Newspaper in Buckhannon, WV to working in a Medium Market Radio Station in the early 90’s at KTPK Radio in Topeka, KS as a sales manager, she thought she was where she needed to be…. life takes a turn, she was to return home to WV.

In the early 90’s Becky met her husband Bob and life changed.  Bob also originally from WV and who had just returned after 22 years away from the state they both loved so much. Bob wanted to become a berry grower and have a farm in WV.  

From there and together they formed WV Fruit and Berry and began to grow berries through a co-op of growers working with WVU Ag Sciences, to help wineries in the state. During this time, they began to market a line of Preserves, Jams and Fruit Butters, all natural, just like we grew up with.  Named them after the state of WV and vowed to only market products that were indigenous to the state of WV.  The two sold on weekends to fairs and festivals and through the week they began to grow their wholesale customer base.  Fast forward 25 years and WV Fruit and Berry now Market a line of 29 different Preserves, Jams, Fruit Butters and A Line of 4 Fruit Wines and this September, 2020 we begin celebrating 25 years in business with a “New” Line of Spirits…..

West Virginia Fruit and Berry is now “A Regional Brand” with products available in 8 states, in over 1,000 retail stores with a successful online presence offering Mail Order and a Locator Map to find a store near you who carry the product lines.