Our Conference

The Living Your Dreams Conference

The collaboration was founded by colleagues and friends, Beatrice Moore Luchin of Houston, Texas and Joetta Schneider, of Fairmont, West Virginia—who united in a vision of empowering women through intimate, small group coaching sessions in a setting free of distractions. Together, Joetta and Bea are dedicated to honoring God through the conference and evangelizing in a fresh way to women in the areas of their lives that are critical to achieving wholeness and oneness with God.

The first Living Your Dream Conference was held at Alpine Lake Resort in Terra Alta, West Virginia in November of 2019, with the theme of identifying our unique purposes in life. There are usually two reasons women attend the conference: one is to enjoy a retreat with God and other faith-filled women in a relaxing setting. Another reason to attend the conference would be to learn more about that year’s theme— women choose the sessions or activities that meet their needs that year. The conference has various yearly themes but each year always contains a strand for rest, renewal, and connection with like-minded women. In addition to showcasing vendors from women-owned businesses as well as authors, the conference includes optional fun events and a fashion show.

Future themes for the conference include:

2020 The Entrepreneurship Edition (women-owned, purpose-filled businesses)
2021 The Beauty Edition (outer beauty as a reflection of inner beauty)
2022 The Family Edition (God’s family, our roles in our families, parenting, marriage…)
2023 The Relationships Edition (healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and others)

Each year’s conference is based on a guiding scripture.