Pre-Conference Events


The Living Your Dreams Conference, in collaboration with Sharon C. Jenkins and her team will be offering a special pre-conference event on October 15th, 2020— “Get Your Book Done in 2021.”

Sharon believes you can get your book done in 90 days, but she will work with you to develop the timeline that you need. Sharon is famous for coining the term, “authorpreneur,” which acknowledges that authors must become business persons if their books are to flourish in the marketplace. You can find out more about her book titled, Authorpreneurship: The Business Start-up Manual for Authors on Goodreads or on this podcast by Jazmin Anderson.


Also offered at the Thursday pre-conference is “Eat Well Every Day” with nutritionist and coach, Theresa Hill, owner of Eatwell, LLC.  You’ll become part of a small, faith-based nutrition group for men and women who are motivated to make changes in the ways they plan, shop, and prepare food. The morning session offers time to get to know your support cohort, learn some nutrition basics, and prepare and eat a healthy lunch together. If you want to spend the afternoon chopping and prepping for the next week, Theresa will be right there guiding you. If you choose, you can continue your journey by meeting with Theresa and your group online. Limited to 12 people.


 The pre-conference events are open to both men and women.